One of the ways to learn enough to ask the right questions is to have an opportunity to interact with eminent physicians and scientists in an informal atmosphere that centers on specific diagnoses and treatments, delving beneath the surface and exploring the physiology of health and disease.

Fall 2005 was on The World’s Most Complex Computer: A Look Inside the Human Brain.

The weekly classes were:

– Why Is This Organ Different From All Others? An Introduction to the Workings of the Human Brain.

– Brain Cancer: State-of-the-Art Treatments

– Pinched Nerves and Other Pains in the Back

– Brain Attack: Causes, Prevention and Care of Stroke

– It Really Is Brain Surgery: A Look at Some of the Newest Approaches to Brain Surgery

Spring 2006 delves into biomedical science topics heard about in the news, helps us understand the scientific process and develops a way to critically analyze science and medical news.  I’ll be blogging after the following 2 hour sessions:

3/21/06 – Microbe Hunters: Preparing for a Possible Pandemic;

3/28/06 – From 9/11 to Katrina: Understanding the Impact of Environmental Disasters on Health;

4/4/06 – Perfect Fit: The Future of Personalized Medicine;

4/11/06 – The Promise of Gene and Cell Therapies: A Look Beyond the Hype and Controversy;

4/25/06 – The Biography of A Medical Breakthrough: Tale of One Discovery from Concept to FDA Approval.

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