Economy & Jobs Solution Launched With June Klein’s Distributed Public Expertise Site

Job solution harmonizes with 5th estate megatrend, Oxford Internet Institute research, British Airways contest winner, Oxford SAID presentation

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2010 — Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. (TMVi) developed a bi-partisan, integrated, creative, cost-effective, tax incentive proposal. Small businesses will get private capital to (i) purchase equipment with >50% US content from manufacturers; (ii) sell their tax benefits to any US taxpayer; and (iii) participate in a tax benefit clearinghouse. TMVi calls on the public to help get Ira Klein’s tax plan directly to Dave Camp, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman. The result would be the empowerment of a positive 5th estate phenomenon to jumpstart the economy and create jobs. To facilitate the evaluation process and provide a refinement mechanism, June Klein created a collaborative network for citizen experts who help solve government problems. The executive summary plan, process flow diagram and distributed public expertise site (DPE) are at and

Since 2009, June Klein, TMVi’s CEO, has been sponsor and partner with Director William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute (OII), on evidence-based 5th estate research and Citizen Expert government strategies. June Klein’s DPE is a global business intelligence extension of OII’s work. She is also championing the 5th estate sessions and panels at OII’s 10th Anniversary in Oxford in September 2011. is the communications spectrum that drives social accountability.

Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. is known for formulating and executing strategies that change the competitive landscape. TMVi has done it with Electronic-Boardroom TMVi® solutions in electronic governance, trading, exchangamania, inheritance, lifestyles and now with electronic media and experts. The US Commerce Association acknowledged TMVi with the International Consultants Award for the 2nd consecutive year.

On December 6, 2010, June Klein was announced as a winner in the British Airways Face of Opportunity Contest based on the public number of votes received for over 1200 entries. Her video business pitch spotlighted as the most important concept for the next twenty years. June won an invitation to participate in exclusive New York and London events plus free travel to anyplace worldwide that would further her 5th estate and DPE related business. She was invited to explore Hong Kong, Australia and Africa opportunities. June decided to expand her US and UK progress by spending the time collaborating with OII’s 5th estate team members and others in Oxford and London from Feb 6-11, 2011.

Jessica Richman, OII 5th estate team/Oxford SAID scholar, is setting up a gathering and presentation. TMVi also welcomes collaborations on a blended value business model. At the core of TMVi’s value proposition is the social impact of creating jobs in the US and UK by using market-based strategies. TMVi needs to combine its social enterprise public expertise site and job-focused endeavors with a defined revenue-generating business.


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