January 2006

We are paying to enable an infrastructure for an ongoing, comprehensive, professional value-based site for the specific interests of evolving boomers. Volume I is Taking Control of Medical Well-being for Yourself and Aging Parents. 

Not all blogging solutions are good for all purposes and what a tangled web we weave. This is more technical logistics information than I want to know. However, it will give you a flavor of some of the dynamics needed behind operations.This blog is our test, limited capabilty site on boomer medical well-being written with WordPress personal blogging software on a multi-user, consumer level host. XO who manages my T1 and hosts my corporate website has WordPress available. That means if I want to host it as an alias on one of my own webhosting plans, I won’t need to install the software or pay an additional license fee. This personal blog has an “about author” section. I also have a website about me and another one with a press kit including video clips for TV appearances. Our full featured professional site on evolving boomers including medical well-being is written with the Movable type publishing platform software and has business and development expansion capabilities. We also have a book blog on electronic trading using Google Blogspot with audio and video. We are testing our publishing rights by putting our book up on Google BookPrint. We plan to link the 2 google sites with our full featured book website which is part of a Miva e-commerce storefront on a dedicated e-commerce server.